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About Us

Creative Event Agency

We Design, We Program, We Build & Operate it. We are more than just Events.

What we do

Proyekt is a Multidisciplinary Design Studio, Concept Developer and Promotor of Event Concepts. Creating new brands in the Event industry and giving Artists & Visitors new experience everytime we develop a new concept. Challenging ourselves by standing out every single time.

How We Do it

We live for the Qlimax, From Concept design to the event grounds our core focus is to make everything Combine seamlesly. From first meetings to Brand Design and the promotional trajectory till the day of the event. Our focus is on making it a concept that lasts.

Our Products

We develop concepts with these great products.

Our Services

Whatever the idea, big or small, we can create it.

We transform ideas into long-lasting concepts, Building a Brand & Visual identity that stands out.
Multiple Disciplines working together to create an unforgettable story, From Promotion to the Event grounds. A beautiful brand is what we stand for.
We create shows where Music, Lights and Visuals meet. We create an unforgettable feeling for the crowd
Sound,Lighting & Video Rental/Installations
We've got everything you need for your event.Whether it's Big or small we do it all. We also do custom Sound & Light installations. Want to open a new club? let us advice you on your next installation.

Our Collaborators

We work closely with our Friends & Business Allies.To Create a truly unforgettable experience